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Company profile of Shenzhen Googeee
Shenzhen Googeee Video Technology Co.,Ltd.is high-tech enterprise, specialize in R&D and production of vehicle’s intelligent and terminals. It provides top-technology, safe and reliable security products and solutions for global operated vehicles!

Nowadays, we have become the Pioneer of Global products and keep constant innovation of thenew products technique to develop and manufacture excellent products.We have been acclaimed highly by our clients in Vehicle Security industry. At present, we have applied our products into Bus, Trucks, special Vehicle, Police Car and so on.

Googeee Operates business ethics like “People Oriented, Business with integrity, Pursuit of excellence, Contribution to the society”. Our pragmatic style are “innovation, Practicality, rigor, and high efficiency”. We work for all our clients. We customerize by the requirement from our clients. Our excellent R&D Team are all from Famous Tsinghua University Research Park, Huawei, ZTE company in China. They have good experience in this industry. We offer ODM Service and training to our clients.

We count much for the product design and installation, even in each cable, each IC and each screw.

Our Sales situation---We have distributed our products to more than 50 countries and regions,especially high market margin in America, UK and France. We will keep improving ourselves and offer considerate and good after-sale service, query and technical support.



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