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Professional vehicle DVR and Bus Surveillance System china manufactory,Sell car digital video recorder,car accident recorder,16G SD CARD and 32GB sd card vehicle DVR,Bus Surveillance System,Embedded Hard Disk Recorder
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Mobile DVR,Vehicle DVR

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Mobile DVR Vehicle Video Recorder SD Card Vehicle DVR,Hard Disk Vehicle DVR ---- namely some customer call in Bus Surveillance,in Car Surveillance,in Vehicle Surveillance System too,the products have solved much hidden danger which the car driver would cause(e.g the driver has not obeyed traffic rules).the SD Card Mobile DVR has the super shockproof ability.our hard disk mobile DVR is design specially for vehicle's quake condition too. they received much welcome from customers.many of country customer repine some company's Hard Disk Mobile DVR's lack of earthquake resistance and be damaged easily,so let them pay too high maintain cost.our hard disk mobile dvr can work fine in harsh environment of the Vehicle.especially the SD Card Mobile DVR is very Stably in quakeproof,thermostable,stable,cold resistant and so on.Especially when vehicle accident collision.the SD Mobile DVR work fine in Harsh Environment, City Bus, School Bus, Public Bus, Coach, Auto, Motor Car, Automobile, Taxi, Truck, Busses, Train, Subway,Ship,Boat,Railroad,Metro,Steamboat,Mine,Oil,other vehicles etc. The SD Card Mobile DVR and Hard Disk Mobile DVR has been obtained CE and ROHS authentication.Our products mainly export primarily to North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Westera Europe, on selled in China market in 2006. Can we avoid vehicle accident?How to avoid vehicle accident?How to cut down vehicle accident?How to we find proof quickly When vehicle accident happen?Cut down vehicle accident is responsibility with you and me.The SD Card Mobile DVR and Hard Disk Mobile DVR can provide us with an effective solution.
   Support && Solutions
In Taxi Surveillance DVR Video Recorder Install Solution
Truck Transportation and Truck Surveillance Vieo Record Install Solution
Vehicle Accident Video Recorder
Vehicle DVR is car digital video recorder?
How to advance vehicle manage ability
  We invite ambitious and ability technology developer to join us,make our company become a global leader about Vehicle Security. Made high quality Vehicle SD Card and Hard Disk Mobile DVR CCTV products and bus CCTV surveillance equipment(Mobile DVR,SD Card and Hard Disk Vehicle Video Recorder,Black Box,Accident Video Recorder,Taxi Camera System,Bus Surveillance System) for the global customer.all something for your bus and truck security etc.
What's New Vehicle DVR
  2 channel Hard Disk Mobile DVR
  1 channel Hard Disk Mobile DVR
  4 channel Hard Disk Mobile DVR
  4 channel H.264 Mobile DVRs(support 1000GB hard disk)
  Mobile DVR - 4 ch Mobile DVR System - Mobile Video DVR
  4 Channel Bus DVR - Bus Video Recorder - Bus SD Card DVR
  Bus Surveillance System - Bus DVR System - Bus Cameras System
  4 Channel SD Card Vehicle DVR(H.264 HD video quality)
  Single Channel SD Card Car Mobile DVR
  Single Channel SD Card Car DVR h.264 HD D1 Mobile DVR
  Single channel Vehicle/Auto/Car/Automobile/Truck/Bus/Police car/train/subway/metro vehicle Black Box
  1ch Mini h.264 D1 HD Bus Video Recorder/Bus DVR/Bus SD Card DVR
  3.6mm 1/3inch SONY Super-HAD CCD Bus Camera - Truck Camera - Car Camera - Shockproof Camera
  2.8mm 1/3inch SONY Super-HAD CCD Bus Recording Camera - Truck Camera - Car Camera - Shockproof Camera
  2 Channel SD Card Vehicle DVR
  4 Channel SD Card Vehicle DVR
  8 Channel SD Card Metro DVR
  2.5mm 1/3inch SONY Super-HAD CCD Bus Camera - Truck Camera - Car Camera - trumpet shell Camera
  120degree 1/4 inch Sharp CCD Waterproof Bus Camera - Truck Camera - Car Camera - Shockproof Vehicle Cameras
  120degree 1/4 inch Sharp CCD Waterproof Truck Camera - Vehicle Rear View Cameras - Bus Camera - Car Camera - Shockproof Vehicle Cameras
About OEM
Vehicle SD Card DVR seeking partners at the Global
  What we do!
We are seeking partners at the Global.Let's open up a new business.With effective management way for vehicle accident reduction efforts.Let's learn the SD Card and Hard Disk Mobile DVR together.Let's sell the SD Card and Hard Disk Mobile DVR together for our customer.Reduce traffic accidents around the world rely on the joint efforts of you and me.we provide high quality bus surveillance equipment for your bus CCTV security. some customer call them Vehicle Accident Black Box,Bus Surveillance too.
Vehicle Accident DVR News
vehicle digital video recorder,car SD CARD dvr
  Mobile DVR provide safety and correct admission.
  64GB SD Mobile DVR will unveils at 2010
  The 12th CPSE 2009(China Public Security Expro)
  SD Card Mobile DVR Storage Medium Will Reach Maximum 2TB
  Mobile DVR installed and recorded all proof on buses
  The Bus Digital Video Recorder(BUS DVR) Recorded Some Criminal Acts
  Vehicle dvr help police catch hold of four thieves
  Bus Safety rules is a long time work
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There is a professional Mobile DVR(namely Vehicle DVR,Bus Surveillance System) factory in China Shenzhen.many of country customer buy their Mobile DVR for advance the car driver security consciousness.These years,they produce and sale Mobile DVR to the Asia - Pacific,South Americas,North Americas,East Europe,West Europe,Africa,Middle East the new product -- SD Card Mobile DVR (namely solid state Mobile DVR) is a great create vehicle digital video is a very successful vehicle video recording's shockproof ability more than the normal hard disk Mobile DVR.when the vehicle happen can record the accident video for many of customer say it is a car accident video recorder or car black box.the new sd Mobile DVR is special design for city bus,public bus,school bus,coach,truck,mini car,taxi,auto,automobile,oil transport,natural gas transport long auto vehicle,danger transportation automobile,train,metro(subway),ship,even other harsh condition etc.pls remembered the Mobile DVR and Bus Surveillance System supplier brand name : GOOGEEE !mobile dvr factory produce high quality bus surveillance factory
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